Product Developer . Research Enthusiast. Aspiring Entrepreneur.


A data engineering PostGrad at IIITD, Zaki is currently focusing on the practical aspects of deep learning, machine learning and natural language processing. In early 2019, he received master admission offers from Trinity College Dublin-Ireland,  University of Auckland-NewZealand, University of Sapienza-Rome and University of Bonn-Germany. A bronze medalist in bachelors, he went on to work as a Full Stack Engineer at InstaVeritas for an year where he got an opportunity to work on technologies like  Angular 7 , Laravel, Lumen, VanillaJs etc, along with  delployment servers and managers . Zaki developed Industry level  product development skills , learned product workflows from CTO & team and interacted with the product teams of  Ola, Welspun, Uber, Swiggy etc to develop product functionalities and REST APIs. During his tenure as an engineer, he also worked independently on developing an enterprise's field level  productivity CRM                 'VeirifieldX' .

In 2015 , Zaki founded and developed  'SCONJ', an ed-tech startup that took him to TOP 50 ideas in GreyMeter Ideathon  . SCONJ shut down its operations in late 2017 due to lack of time & funds . In the same year, Zaki  also Joined StudyMarvel , an AR startup,  as a Backend Development Intern to help them develop a QnA platform. 

Meet ZAKI - product developer ,  research enthusiast & aspiring entreprenuer
Love to innovate . Play with engines and APIs. Solve core problems. Develop life utility apps. . Optimise Products. Create strong backend.  Analyse and debug code.

zaki mustafa