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Ship Detection in satellite images 

Airbus ship detection challenge that aims to detect ships in different million pixels satellite images under different whether conditions using Convolutional Neural Network  

Heart Disease prediction using risk factors 

A machine learning project that aims to use 'Genetic Neural Network based data mining in prediction of heart disease using risk factors' as a baseline research paper  

Image based Product Recommendation

An information retrieval project that uses Myntra's fashion dataset to recommend images to the user based on the input image using  CNN.


Qoura question pairs similarity using ANN

Natural Langage Processing 

Finding similarity between 400k quora question pairs using wordnet, synonymy graph and ANN

Image retrieval based on low level features

information retrieval and clustering

Image retrieval based on low level image features like shape, HSV, color disribution etc using cosine similarity and metric learning..

NLP Models and Algorithms

Natural Language Processing

Implemented and coded different NLP language model, Naive bayes classifier, Part of speech tagger, Grammar parser, document and words similarity etc in Python


data scraping

Scraped and parsed thousand of data points from multiple websources for Instaveritas's Dexter using DomParsing technique and Laravel


A field management web app for boosting firm's field level productivity @ InstaVeritas, built with Angular 7 and Laravel.


Worked on developing multiple functionalities of Instaveritas CRM using Angular and Laravel


 A research paper study aimed at unsupervised coarse object detection using domain adaptation technique


breaking the existing encryption algorithm by proposing our new algorithm using arnold transform


Students social network

Started out on 8th August, 2015 , SCONJ turned out to be the  biggest project I have ever worked on. Created with PHP, PDO, SQL, JS and front-end technologies, SCONJ was an active network having 540+ members until 2017.


An ecommerce platform

FRIZGO is an ecommerce platform , backend coded in php on a popular bootstrap template.


Stackoverflow for students

Coded stackoverflow for students for startup- STUDYMARVEL which is an augmented reality studying app .Built with PHP, PDO and SQL, worked on EC2 and elastic bean stalk of AWS


advertising network for local businesses

Created an advertising platform for local businesses in our locality along with PayU inregration for online transactions. ADJAM is built on semantic-UI, SQL, PHP and PDO

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